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Youtube tutorial! by the excellent Gabriel Haines
---Pool Provider--- --------LP-------- --Reward Tokens-- --INFO-- 1inch Various 1INCH https://1inch.exchange/#/dao/farming Alpha DEX Various DEX https://kitten.finance Armor Various ARMOR https://armor.fi Arth Various ARTH/MAHA https://www.arthcoin.com Basis Various BAS,BAC https://basis.cash Basis Gold Various BSGS https://basis.gold Daiq Various DAIQ https://daiq.io Debase Various DEBASE https://debaseonomics.io Dynamic Set Dollar Various DSD https://dsd.finance/app Empty Set Dollar Various ESD https://app.emptyset.finance Frax Finance Various FXS https://app.frax.finance Gamestop Various GME https://gamestop.finance Harvest Finance Various FARM https://harvest.finance Ichi Various Ichi https://ichi.farm Indexed Various NDX https://indexed.finance MITH Cash Various MIS,MIC https://mith.cash Morph Various MORT https://morph.finance Mushrooms Various MM https://mushrooms.finance Narwhale Various NAWA https://narwhale.finance Onecash Various ONS https://onecash.finance Pegs Various PEGS https://pegs.cash Percent Various PCT https://percent.finance Pickle Various Pickle https://pickle.finance Polka Various POS https://polkacash.finance PowerIndex Various CVP https://powerindex.io Quantum Set Dollar Various QSD https://quantumset.finance Stabilize Various STBZ https://stabilize.finance StakeDAO Various SDT https://stakedao.org TrueFi Various TRU https://app.truefi.io/farm Updown Various UPDOWN https://updown.finance Vtd Various VTD https://vtd.finance/app Xusd Various XUSD https://xusd.money Yam YAM-ETH SLP YAM https://yam.finance/farm yAxis Various yAxis https://yaxis.io/farms YflUsd Various YFLUSD https://yflusd.linkswap.app Sharedstake Various SGT https://www.sharedstake.org/earn Launchpool Various LPOOL https://staking.launchpool.xyz/ Wolf Of Wallstreet Various WOWS https://app.wolvesofwallstreet.finance Strudel Various TRDL https://strudel.finance Sushiswap Various SUSHI https://app.sushi.com/farms xSigma Various SIG https://app.xsigma.fi/stake Alchemix Various ALCX https://app.alchemix.fi/farms DFX Various DFX https://v0.dfx.finance/ xToken Various XTK https://xtoken.cafe/app/dashboard Ethic Various ETHC https://ethic.money Ruler Protocol Various RULER https://app.rulerprotocol.com/app/farms Sandbox Various SAND https://staking.sandbox.game Inverse Various INV https://inverse.finance Badger Various BADGER https://app.badger.finance Big Data Protocol Various BDP,bALPHA https://www.bigdataprotocol.com/datavault Unslashed Various USF https://app.unslashed.finance/ Siren Various SI https://sirenmarkets.com/ Float Various BANK https://floatprotocol.com/#/stake Sakeswap Various SAKE https://sakeswap.finance Defiville Various ISLA https://defiville.finance Benchmark Various MARK https://launchpad.benchmarkprotocol.finance/pools Governor Various GDAO https://governordao.org Optionroom Various COURT https://app.optionroom.finance Mint Various MINT https://stake.publicmint.com Proof Of Humanity Various UBI https://www.proofofhumanity.id Bao Various BAO https://www.bao.finance Force DAO Various FORCE https://forcedao.com Valueset Various VSD https://valueset.finance Bella Protocol Various BEL https://bella.fi B26 Various B26 https://b26.finance Gaia Various GAIA https://www.dollarprotocol.com/#/stake Ludus Various LUDUS https://app.playludus.io Cover Protocol Various Various https://app.coverprotocol.com Olympus Various OHM https://olympusdao.eth.link Wasabix Various WASABI https://wasabix.finance/#/app/pool Aluna Various ALN https://aluna.social/farm Kine Various KINE https://kine.finance Visor Various VISR https://visor.finance Umbria Various UMBR https://farm.umbria.network Basket DAO Various BASK https://basketdao.org Ethernity Various ERN https://ethernity.io Nft20 Various MUSE https://nft20.io Popsicle Various ICE https://popsicle.finance Klondike Various KLON/KBTC https://klondike.finance Keep Various KEEP https://dashboard.keep.network/liquidity Cvi Various GOVI https://cvi.finance Pop Various POP https://pop.town Futureswap Various FST https://exchange.futureswap.com Xdefi Various XDEX https://farm.xdefi.com Eurxb Various XBE http://app.eurxb.finance Myswarm Various SWM https://stake.myswarm.app Liquity Various LQTY https://liquity.app Bondappetit Various BAG https://bondappetit.io Penguin Various FISH https://penguinswap.eth.link Mimo Various MIMO https://mimo.capital/mining Fei Various FEI https://fei.money Blockchain Adventurers Guild Various BAG https://app.thisistheway.finance/#/stake Piedao Various DOUGH https://www.piedao.org Cryptex Various CTX https://app.cryptex.finance Unicrypt Various Various https://farm.unicrypt.network Alchemydao Various ALCH https://alchemydao.com Centaur Various WHEY https://cntr.finance EPNS Various PUSH https://incentives.epns.io Tornado Various TORN https://app.tornado.cash Cyclone Various CYC https://cyclone.xyz/eth *** Disclaimer *** I am in no way affiliated with the above projects, nor do I endorse them. 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